Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions:  Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC


1) If Booking 60 days or more prior to arrival date:

* First Payment is due at the time of booking – For the “First Payment” Guest the will be charged 50% of the total balance of the reservation.

* Second Payment is due 60 days prior to arrival date (90 days for Holiday Season) – For the Second Payment the Guest will be charged the remaining balance.

2) If booking less than 60 days prior to arrival date or less than 90 days prior to arrival for holiday periods:

*The Entire balance will be charged at the time of booking. (100% payment is due at the time of booking)

***You are hereby authorizing us to automatically charge your card on file for each payment by the due date.


You may cancel a reservation and be refunded the full deposit less a $50 cancelation fee if the following apply:

* You provide written notice of cancelation 61 days or more PRIOR to the arrival date for non-holiday periods.
* You provide written notice of cancelation 91 days or more PRIOR to the arrival date for Holiday Season.

You forfeit your reservation total balance as stated in the “Itemized Explanation of Charges” table when you sign the rental agreement:

* If you cancel within 60 days during non-holiday periods and the property is not re-booked.
* If you cancel within 90 days during holiday periods and the property is not re-booked.
** Whenever possible, we will refund your charges, less $100 processing fee, if we are able to secure a comparable reservation to replace yours.  Refunds will be prorated if reservations are not equivalent.

Holiday Season referenced in the above paragraphs is defined as 12/19/15 – 1/2/16 & 12/17/16 – 1/7/17 and is also posted on our website.

Termination of Travel Insurance and Damage Waiver Insurance: 

* If travel insurance is purchased termination of the coverage is permitted within 10 days after purchasing the coverage with a full refund (7% of reservation total).   No refund is permitted if canceled > 10 days after opting in for travel insurance.

* Termination of Damage Waiver Insurance is permitted up to the day of arrival with a full refund of the $45


At the time of booking one of these 2 options Must be selected: 

1) Refundable Damage Deposit ($500) –  The day before your scheduled arrival, your credit card will be authorized for refundable damage deposit of $500.00. All units are fully inspected before and after every stay. Your deposit will be refunded within 72 hours after your departure provided: Guests do not violate unit rental policies; the unit and its contents are left in undamaged/like condition as upon arrival; and all keys, key cards, etc. are left in the unit/lock box in accordance with check out procedures. Violations and/or damage will incur charges against the security deposit (and possibly additional charges to your credit card in excess of the $500 deposit) as necessary to return the unit to its pre-rental condition. You hereby agree to secure the unit against any and all damage by you or your guests during the time of your stay, and authorize Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC to use your security deposit or credit card for that purpose.

2) Non Refundable Damage Insurance Waiver – The Accidental Rental Damage Protection provides coverage up to the amount of ($1,500) per stay and is valid for the entire stay. With the Accidental Rental Damage Protection you and your traveling companions will not be obligated to pay for damage or theft to the contents of the rental unit you occupy.  Accidental Rental Damage Protection Does Not Cover: Intentional acts of a guest and traveling companions; Gross negligence or willful conduct; Any loss, if a guest or traveling companions do not take reasonable and prudent measures to protect the residence; Any loss, if the guest does not report the damage to residence rental management staff by the time of vacating the residence; Normal wear and tear; Theft without forced entry; Damage or loss caused by any pet or other animal that was not allowed onto the premises under the Rental Agreement. A description of coverage with applicable exclusions, conditions, and limitations will be mailed or emailed to you upon purchase. All references to currency are in US Dollars. Cost is $45.00 for $1,500.00 of coverage. Prices subject to change without notice.


Never be at risk to pay for a trip you could not attend due to an unexpected illness, injury, canceled flights, weather, or other unforeseen events.

Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC offers Travel Insurance to protect you and your vacation investment. The cost is ~7% of the total booking amount, and coverage includes valuable medical coverage, airfare reimbursement, trip interruption, lost luggage protection, coverage for theft of baggage and personal effects, accident coverage, emergency travel and health services, and expatriate protection.

Benefit Maximum Benefit Amount

*Trip Cancelation Trip Cost up to $50,000 **
*Trip Interruption Up to 100% of Trip Cost
*Travel Delay $600 ($200 per day maximum)
*Baggage Delay $1,000 ($200 per day maximum)
*Medical & Dental Expense $25,000/$1,000 ($50 deductible)
*Medical Evacuation & Medical Repatriation of Remains $250,000
*24 Hour Accidental Death & Dismemberment $100,000* This Program not available to residents of New Hampshire or Puerto Rico:
** Any Trip Cost that is over $50,000 must have approval from the underwriter prior to purchase. Maximum length of Trip is 60 days. Restricted Countries: www.PAC7.com/Travel-Restrictions This Schedule is only a summary of your coverage benefits. Your coverage benefits, including any exclusions, conditions and limitations, are described in full in the master policy issued to PAC7, a copy of which will be emailed or mailed to you upon purchase. Travel Insurance benefits underwritten by the American Modern Home Insurance Company. Version: November 1, 2013 Cost: ~7.000% of Reservation Total View Travel Insurance; Sample Description of Coverage


Visa, Master Card, Discover and E-Check

In the event of any charge reversal or change of authorization to a credit card on file, you agree to make immediate payment in full to Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC in cash (US $) or alternate form of payment, in accordance with this agreement.​


Our vacation rentals are “Self Catered”.   We provide a starter supply of disposable items such as paper towels, trash bags, coffee filters, bathroom tissue, dish and hand soap. Laundry detergent and replacement supplies can be purchased from local merchants. Costco and Walmart are in Kahului.  If you would like daily maid service, we offer these services at an additional $35/per visit plus tax payable in cash to the cleaning company at time of service. Please contact our reservations department by calling 808 439 6434 during normal business hours to schedule this service. We require a minimum of 48 hours advance notice to schedule this service​.


Your arrival instructions will include property address, emergency contact information, parking, and lock box/registration instructions to gain access to the unit.  Where applicable a parking pass will also be included.  These will be sent via email  to you after we have successfully processed your full payment.


Check in time:             3:00 PM or later, Hawaii Time         (No early check ins please)
Check out time:           10:00 AM or sooner, Hawaii Time   (No late check outs unless previously approved)
*Note:  Additional charges will apply and will be posted to your credit card for violation of these policies, without prior approval.

Our cleaning service will professionally clean & stock the condo prior to your arrival. While they make every attempt to clean everything, occasionally something can get overlooked. Please inspect the premises & notify them within 2 hours of arrival, if something needs further attention.  If arriving late at night, please notify them first thing in the morning. They will gladly return & take care of it. We cannot be held responsible if you don’t notify us within this time frame. Their phone number is posted inside the condo and in your arrival instructions.


Pets are NOT permitted under any conditions.  Violation will result in the loss of your security deposit, forfeiture of all rent, and you will be evicted immediately.  No Exceptions!!


Smoking is NOT permitted inside our units, on the lanai, or with in 20 feet of the building under any circumstances.  Violation will result in the loss of your security deposit, forfeiture of all rent, and you will be evicted immediately.  No exceptions!!  Designated smoking areas are located in the common area of our resort.  Please look for signs or contact resort office for locations.  If our staff determines you have smoked in our unit your credit card will be charged for all costs associated to remove the odor and residue.


All units are thoroughly inspected by our staff prior to your arrival.  Following your departure our staff will complete a thorough check of the unit for any damage, theft, missing/broken items, abnormal wear and tear or extra cleaning.  Guests are liable and financially responsible for any and all damages to the property, furnishings, equipment and household items within the unit that occurred during their stay, whether it is caused by the guest or any invitee of the guest.  Please do not remove any items from your unit or share them with other units.  Please report any problems with your unit or damages to our office within 2 hours of arrival.


Guests acknowledge that they will be respectful of other resort guests and neighbors. They agree to obey all posted signs and property rules. If Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC receives a complaint of a disturbance or nuisance at the premises, our staff will contact the guest and request that the guest immediately discontinue the disturbance or nuisance. If the guest or anyone in the guest’s party causes a disturbance or nuisance at the premises, such that local law enforcement is contacted, then the guest may be required to vacate the premises IMMEDIATELY, at the discretion of Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC management.  Any guest or visitor suspected of drug possession or use, engaging in prostitution, or any other illegal act will be immediately evicted by the owner (or representative of the owner), local law enforcement, or the security company employed by our Home Owners Association.  Any removal will result in a forfeiture of the entire amount of the reservation, and loss of use of the property & unit.


Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC adheres to Maui Transient Occupancy Laws.  Exceeding maximum occupancy constitutes defrauding an innkeeper. All guests occupying any of our rentals Must be listed on the Rental Contract at time of execution. Violators may be subject to eviction, fines or imprisonment.  In addition, you may be required to vacate the premises immediately and you will NOT receive a refund on your booking.


  • A maximum of 1 car is permitted per unit (unless otherwise authorized in writing).
  • We can not guarantee that all common area facilities and amenities (pools, spas, tennis courts, etc.) will be in working order because they are under the jurisdiction of the Home Owners Association.  Refunds will not be given due to lack of access because these are beyond our control.
  • Certain amenities provided in units rely on technology or outside services which includes a possibility of failure. We cannot guarantee that internet connections, televisions and appliances will function 100% of the time. Refunds will not be given in association with non-working features or amenities; However we will make every effort to correct problems when they arise.
  • You must be at least 25 years of age to rent a unit from Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC.
  • FALSIFIED RESERVATIONS – Any reservation obtained under false pretense will be subject to forfeiture of advance payment, deposit and/or rental money, and the party will not be permitted to check in.
  • Guests agree that they will not “disclose lock box codes or discuss the occupancy of the subject property with any entity not bound by the terms of this agreement.” Guests also agree that they will not publish any written, audio or video reviews, opinions or other editorial comments or facts on any third party web sites, blogs or other media, without the express written consent of the owner/rental agent. Any violation of these terms will result in a $500.00 charge to your credit card, and the parties posting the content will immediately remove all content to the satisfaction of the owner/rental agent. Guests also agree to assume all financial responsibility for any legal expenses or other damages resulting from violation of these terms. These conditions will remain in effect indefinitely, including beyond the end of subject property occupancy.
  • Many units are located in busy public environments where noise or outside activity is beyond our control. If you prefer a quiet environment, please inquire with our reservations department about the properties which offer the best location for your stay. Refunds will not be given in association with noise complaints under any circumstances.
  • We are not responsible for lost or stolen articles, or items left in units after your departure. We will make every effort to find and return your articles. These items will be returned at the guest’s expense.
  • Please DO NOT use liquid dish soap in the dishwasher. Liquid soap will cause the dishwasher to flood the kitchen floor. Please use the dishwasher detergent packages provided. Also, please refrain from opening the dishwasher while it is running and allow the cycle to fully complete before emptying the contents.
  • Units with Air Conditioning: Upon departure please turn the A/C off completely. The A/C must also be turned off when guests are not present inside the unit.


Each unit has an instruction laminate containing check out procedures. Guests must follow the stated check out procedures listed on the laminate. Charges may be imposed for lost keys and other violations.

Upon check out all trash & food leftovers must be placed in the trash dumpster, and soiled dishes must be cleaned and returned to their respective storage locations. Lock box keys must be left in the lock box; All inside keys must be left on the kitchen counter or dinette table. Windows and doors must be closed and locked and all appliances, A/Cs, lights, etc., must be turned off.


Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC owns properties and also serves as the sales/booking agent for other private property owners. Therefore, the lessee hereby agrees that he/she shall not file any claim, action or lawsuit against Maui Vacation Condo Rentals LLC, its owners, representatives, agents or other property owners for costs or damages arising from lessee’s and lessee’s registered guests use of the property.  Lessee agrees to be held liable for actions of his/her guests, whether they be registered or unregistered guests, at all times, and by doing so to hold harmless Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC, its owners, managers, representatives, employees or other property owners from any and all claims arising from their guest’s use of the property.

The lessee hereby acknowledges that he/she is using the property for the purpose of short-term rental in “as is” condition, at his/hers own risk.  The lessee hereby agrees to check in and out at the contracted times specified on their short-term vacation rental lease.

The lessee hereby acknowledges that they must close and lock all windows and doors when they are away from the property for any amount of time.  Lessee hereby acknowledges that Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC, its owners, representatives, employees and other property owners are not responsible in any way for theft that may occur on or to your personal property during your stay.  The lessee hereby acknowledges that they have been informed that the rental is not a child-proofed property or dwelling.  It is the lessee’s responsibility to monitor the activities of all minor children in their care.

The lessee hereby acknowledges that he/she has been advised of the dangers of kayaking, snorkeling, boogie-boarding, swimming, body surfing and related ocean sports and activities.  Lessee agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC, its owners, managers, representatives, employees and other property owners from any and all liability, negligence on the part of either party, loss, damage, injury or death resulting from the use of the property, its fixtures and contents.

Lessee hereby acknowledges that they have been provided with copies of the following  documents:
Rental Contract/Terms & Conditions, Rental Regulations, Cancelation Policy, General Release of Liability – Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC and agrees to all terms contained therein.

Mahalo for Choosing Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC for your accommodations and we hope you have a pleasant and enjoyable stay.

Lisa & Grant Oepkes, Owners
Maui Vacation Condo Rentals, LLC
Email:   Reservations@MauiVacationCondoRentals.com 
Web:     www.MauiVacationCondoRentals.com
Tel:       808 439 6434